BC Realty Solutions offers Professional Photography Services for your upcoming construction, listing, advertising campaign or marketing materials.

This is good news, because our photo shoots of listings are UNLIMITED and competitively priced. We will ensure that every nook and cranny is explored, and that we get the shots you want and need.

Images produced are high-resolution, catalogue-ready, with masterful composition, lighting and colour. All photo packages include post-production to ensure maximum quality regardless of weather conditions or lighting.

Perfect for that custom brochure, catalogue, direct marketing campaigns, advertisement, or your upcoming online campaign we can help design.

We get the big picture! We will ensure the images produced work with your Communication and Marketing Strategy, and add to the value of your promotional materials.

We love to design and know that good design relies on high-quality images, making great photography our priority.

*Currently available for GVRD areas only. For additional information, contact us.